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Yang to Yin Yoga with Alana

A balanced practice combining energizing, mindful movement (Yang) and relaxation (Yin).

The Yang part of practice allows us to integrate this openness and awareness into a sense of steadiness and alignment with a gentle energizing flow. A Yang practice strengthens the body and mind.

The Yin part of practice is gentle, quiet, and meditative. Finding stillness in each shape for 3-5 minutes which allows muscles to relax so that the connective tissue is stimulated as awareness is brought to sensations in the body. Yin Yoga has a nourishing effect on the organs, immune system, connective tissue, muscles and joints.

Where the Yang will focus on strengthening the muscles, the Yin part will focus on relaxing them completely. By balancing your Yin and Yang your energy flow will increase, giving you a peaceful balanced mind and body.

Vinyasa Flow with Paul

My unique vinyasa was procured from combinations of yoga practices.  Each class is different and a part of a progression. Part of the class is heat building flow.  Part is thoughtful balance, part is circulatory inversion, and part is whatever you make it.  I teach to all levels with options for personal practice throughout.  If you say you are “not flexible enough” or “too sore” for yoga, it is like saying you are too hungry to eat dinner. Yoga practice can improve strength, flexibility, balance, and concentration, the core of success in any physical activity.  Come join me, so we can practice together.

Yoga for Climbers  with Tara

Through a series of postures aimed at building strength and flexibility, this class is designed to enhance your performance as a climber. Learn how to integrate yoga on and off the mat, breath work to increase lung capacity, meditation to destress and conscious movement in this hour long class to keep you climbing on!

Pilates with Sue

Fire up your core and start the day with exercises designed to challenge and improve your strength, flexibility, and coordination. With serious emphasis on core strength and skeletal stability, the Pilates method builds in intensity through a series of fluid movements designed to unite the mind and body. Modifications available to tailor to all fitness levels.

Barre with Sue

Barre combines ballet inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. The focus is on strengthening your core and firming your glutes and legs.

Aerial Core with Sue

Aerial Core is a unique and fun method of combining core and upper body strength using a soft hammock to suspend and support body weight, while enhancing balance, posture and flexibility.

Yin & Yang with Taylor

The traditional yin yang is a buddhist conceptualization of the concept of dualism. Yin/Yang yoga is an all-levels mixture of gentle, slow vinyasa to warm the body, combined with traditional yin/restorative poses.  This class is designed to allow you to easily let go of tension, focus on breathing and relax into the day with a calm, clear mind.  Expect to feel peaceful, relaxed, and well balanced after this practice.

Super Sweat Sesh with Alexis

Get ready to get sweaty!  This class uses a variety of equipment in a circuit training format.  You will move throughout the room completing a circuit of strength and cardio intervals, building strength and stamina.

Essential Yoga with LT

Essential yoga is a 75-min movement and breathwork practice that primarily focuses on building strength, stamina, balance, and improving mobility and awareness within the body. Modifications and variations are offered to make this class friendly for all levels.

Inversions: Strength & Conditioning with LT

The inversion series will be primarily focusing on building the foundational strength and flexibility required to practice inversions safely. This series will incorporate handstand specific strength conditioning, extensive core work, and classic yoga postures to increase balance and flexibility. We will be learning and practicing proper alignment, proper technique, and proper activation within the body in handstand. These full body exercises are designed to enhance your handstand experience and journey, while protecting the body and keeping it safe while inverted.

Activate Your Core with LT

This will be an effective 30 minute HIIT style core activation class. Build full body strength with a series of fast faced core, shoulder, and full body exercises. Appropriate for all levels.