Make a Reservation…

Reservations are recommended and can be made online, over the phone, or in person, up to 5 days in advance.

Walkins are welcome up to a max capacity of 8 people.

Yoga & Fitness classes are included in Blue Granite Membership (or you can use a punch pass or day pass).

Tahoe Yoga Shala classes are NOT included in Blue Granite Membership. The Yoga Shala classes are independent of Blue Granite and can be reserved and paid for on this website:

More Info on Tahoe Yoga Shala

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Yoga from Home…

Flow From Home with Katherine

Standing Yoga Flow with Cali

Pilates #1 with Sue

Pilates #2 with Sue

Stretching with Sue

Quick Morning Flow with Nicole

Class Descriptions…

Solar Flow Yoga with Crystal

Take a pause mid-day and reset with a creative solar flow yoga class.  This hour long class will begin with an energizing sequence, and will end in a long, relaxing deep stretch.  All levels of experience are welcome and optional modifications will be given.

Slow Flow Hatha with Nicole

Warm up with sun salutations and progress through a sequence of postures or “flows”. Classes will include: forward folds, back bends, side bends twists, core strengthening, and balancing poses. Class will conclude with deep stretches that target the muscles worked in that day’s flow.

Seasonal Vinyasa with Cali

This class is adapted to follow the seasonal changes embodied here in the mountains. We will practice different postures including twists, stretches and core strengthening in order to align our physical bodies with the constant changes outdoors.  All levels welcome.

Yin Yoga & Meditation with Cali

Complete the circle with Yin yoga  & Meditation.  Yin is a relaxing practice focusing on deep, slow stretching.  This class will also incorporate a weekly meditation practice for strengthening your mental game in order to match the physical strength you’ll be gaining at the gym.

Pilates and Pilates Flow with Sue

Fire up your core and start the day with exercises designed to challenge and improve your strength, flexibility, and coordination. With serious emphasis on core strength and skeletal stability, the Pilates method builds in intensity through a series of fluid movements designed to unite the mind and body. Modifications available to tailor to all fitness levels.

Pilates Flow is a fun and energetic combination of Pilates and yoga.

Yoga for Climbers  with Tara

Through a series of postures aimed at building strength and flexibility, this class is designed to enhance your performance as a climber. Learn how to integrate yoga on and off the mat, breath work to increase lung capacity, meditation to destress and conscious movement in this hour long class to keep you climbing on!

Strengthening Yoga with LeeAnn

This untraditional yoga class explores body awareness through alignment, balance and movement with breath. The class will consist of a gentle warm up, balance and flexibility building postures, strengthening poses, twists, and everyone’s favorite savasana. All yogi’s will be supported within the class and modifications will be made if necessary.

Loving Warrior Yoga with Erica

Gain flexibility, strength, and peacefulness in this class that introduces you to ancient movement practices from the East: Yoga & Qigong. Learn the way of the peaceful warrior. Cultivate your life force energy and open your body & mind. In this playful style of vinyasa & traditional tantra Yoga, we focus on building strength, stretching major muscle groups, ensuring proper form and promoting relaxation.

Healing Qigong with Erica

Taoist Medical Qigong is an ancient Chinese movement practice for self-healing using movements along the meridian or energy lines connected to the body’s organs. Class will have a warm-up and 8 primary sequences (all standing movements) that stretch and strengthen major muscle groups and allow for myofascial release.

Functional Flow with Katherine

This class integrates traditional Yoga asana with modern, evidence-based functional movement science. Practice mindfulness and awareness while exploring new movement patterns to bring new life to the Yoga poses you love! This is an All-Levels class with emphasis on accessibility for all bodies and traditions.

HIIT with Emily

This high-intensity intervals class will get your body moving and heart rate up, leaving you feeling accomplished. Get ready for 45 minutes of maximum burn!

Core (15 minutes)

Hit all the stabilizing muscles, not just your 6 pack. If you want a tight core, better performance in a wide variety of areas, or need relief from back pain, this all-levels core strengthener is for you!

Booty Builder

Target your glutes, hamstrings, and quads through body weight and weight training. The result? A strong, balanced booty.

Circuit Training

This timed circuit workout focuses on strength training and cardio drills to get you stronger and raise your heart rate. Get ready to sweat and work your entire body along the way.