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Good Morning Core with Sue

Fire up your core and start the day right! This class uses a combination of fluid movements and Pilates-based exercises to improve your strength, flexibility, and coordination. This gentle and sustainable approach to improving core strength and skeletal stability allows you to ease into movement first thing in the morning, but will still leave your muscles burning by the end of it. Modifications available to tailor to all fitness levels.

Barre with Sue

Barre combines ballet inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. The focus is on strengthening your core and firming your glutes and legs.

Hatha Yin Fusion with Jayne

A class for everyone, combining traditional Yoga moves with longer Yin holds, to create the perfect morning stretch.

Yang to Yin Yoga with Alana

A balanced practice combining energizing, mindful movement (Yang) and relaxation (Yin).

The Yang part of practice allows us to integrate this openness and awareness into a sense of steadiness and alignment with a gentle energizing flow. A Yang practice strengthens the body and mind.

The Yin part of practice is gentle, quiet, and meditative. Finding stillness in each shape for 3-5 minutes which allows muscles to relax so that the connective tissue is stimulated as awareness is brought to sensations in the body. Yin Yoga has a nourishing effect on the organs, immune system, connective tissue, muscles and joints.

Where the Yang will focus on strengthening the muscles, the Yin part will focus on relaxing them completely. By balancing your Yin and Yang your energy flow will increase, giving you a peaceful balanced mind and body.

Rise & Shine Yoga w/ Rebecca

Start the day out right with an all-levels asana practice focused on warming the muscles and joints, gentle strengthening, and fun movement.

Energizing Vinyasa with Gianna

Prepare yourself to take on the rest of the day by energizing your entire being! Get your breath flowing and your blood pumping during this afternoon pick me up. Join me on the mat to focus your mind, awaken your body, and beat that midday crash!

Vinyasa Flow with Paul

My unique vinyasa was procured from combinations of yoga practices.  Each class is different and a part of a progression. Part of the class is heat building flow.  Part is thoughtful balance, part is circulatory inversion, and part is whatever you make it.  I teach to all levels with options for personal practice throughout.  If you say you are “not flexible enough” or “too sore” for yoga, it is like saying you are too hungry to eat dinner. Yoga practice can improve strength, flexibility, balance, and concentration, the core of success in any physical activity.  Come join me, so we can practice together.

Yoga for Mobility with Gianna

Are your tight muscles holding you back from reaching tricky holds? Slow mobility flows build internal heat to soften your muscles and open up your joints like never before! Change your range of motion forever while improving your strength and stamina.

Yin with Gianna

Relax and let go. Using props to comfort the body, yoga postures are held for long periods and become deep meditations. Release what no longer serves you with Yin yoga.

Yoga for Climbers  with Tara

Through a series of postures aimed at building strength and flexibility, this class is designed to enhance your performance as a climber. Learn how to integrate yoga on and off the mat, breath work to increase lung capacity, meditation to destress and conscious movement in this hour long class to keep you climbing on!

Evening Wind Down with Aly

Evening Wind down yoga with Aly is a 60 min class that incorporates intention setting, specific breath work and movement to help you center and relax at the end of the week. Whether you need to improve mobility, increase flexibility, ease existing pain or simply tap into your body, this all levels class is designed to balance the physical/mental/emotional landscapes. Join in Wednesday evenings to take pause and create space for the week to come.

Awake & Alive Yoga with Ian

Being awake is more than getting out of bed and going about your day, checking off the to-do list. Consciously rise and shine into your daily life with a sense of purpose and aliveness as Ian guides you through mindful breathing, movement, and meditation. Uncover your authentic self-expression and begin your day with a real sense of being through Ian’s morning Yoga practice.

Yin for Mind & Body with Jayne

This is a slower paced, more meditative yoga practice, but not necessarily an easy practice. The aim of Yin Yoga is to stretch and strengthen the connective tissues and fascia surrounding our joints and muscles. These Yin tissues respond by holding a pose for at least 3-5 minutes. Be ready to explore your own edge while we move through a series of postures targeting different parts of the body. All levels welcome and props provided.

Hatha Vinyasa with Nicole

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga is practiced at a several breath per posture, slower pace than ‘Vigorous Vinyasa’, though also flow based. In this class you will sync breath with small adjustments for longer holds in postie a that both increase strength in balance and flexibility. It will be a slow burn yoga flow.

Vigorous Vinyasa Flow with Nicole

This flow style class will include fluid transitions from pose to pose, linking body, breath, and movement. Expect to build strength, flexibility in the body and a calmer mind.

Core 30 with LeeAnn/Nicole

This 30 minute core class will focus on strengthening the abdominals, glutes, back, and postural muscles.