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Complete as many Feats of Strength as you can throughout the month of October, win great prizes!

  • Complete 20 items to be entered in a raffle for a free month membership.
  • Complete 40 items to be entered in a raffle for a rope or a boulder pad.
  • Complete the most items for insane bragging rights and the ultimate local’s package, including three months free membership and gift cards from other awesome local businesses.
View & Download the PDF Scorecard

How can I participate?

It’s fun, its free, and its easy!

  1. Click the button below & create a free “Challenge Runner” account (takes less than a minute).
  2. Track your Feats of Strength daily using the challenge runner site. You can do it on your phone, laptop, or desktop.
  3. View the leaderboard on the challenge runner site & challenge your friends to participate too.
  4. Raffle Prizes and awards will be given at the end of October.
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