Punch Passes

Each punch works the same way as a day pass. Punch passes expire after 12 months.

5 Day Punch Pass


+$30 add-on for gear rental package

10 Day Punch Pass


+$60 add-on for gear rental package

Yoga & Fitness ONLY - 10 Day Punch Pass


Save time,

purchase online

Click the link below to create an account or login to an existing account. Only create one account per family (you can add additional family members to your account). ACCOUNT HOLDER MUST BE AN ADULT (18+). If you are signing a waiver for a minor, create an account for yourself, then add the minor to your household.
Adding family members does not create a "family membership"; it merely creates a billing relationship, making it easy for you to purchase any kind of membership, punch passes or day passes for anyone in your family.
Check the boxes next to all family members names, and poof! their information will autofill from their account to their waiver, making the waiver-signing process super easy.
Click on the "Purchase a pass/membership page" and choose whatever kind of pass you would like and assign it to whichever family member(s) you would like. Passes/memberships will be automatically loaded on to the person's account so all they have to do is check-in.