Punch Passes

Each punch works the same way as a day pass. Punch passes expire after 12 months.

5 Day Punch Pass


+$30 add-on for gear rental package

10 Day Punch Pass


+$60 add-on for gear rental package

Yoga & Fitness ONLY - 10 Day Punch Pass


How to

purchase online

Step 1: Create an account

If you previously had a Blue Granite membership or punch card, and you create an account but your info is autopopulated incorrectly, please call or come in when we’re open, or email gianna@bluegraniteclimbing.com

Step 2: Add family members (optional)

Adding family members does not create a “family membership”; it merely creates a billing relationship, making it easy for you to purchase any kind of membership, punch passes or day passes for anyone in your family.

Step 3: Complete waivers

Check the boxes next to all family members names, and poof! their information will autofill from their account to their waiver, making the waiver-signing process super easy.

Step 4: Purchase Punch Passes

Click on the “Purchase a pass/membership page” and choose whatever kind of pass you would like and assign it to whichever family member(s) you would like. Passes/memberships will be automatically loaded on to the person’s account so all they have to do is check-in.