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Blue Granite will accept vouchers ONLY for the following services:

  • Student Day Pass (ages 14+)…$23
  • Student Day Pass (ages 14+) WITH rental gear…$31
  • Child Day Pass (ages 13 & under)…$21
  • Child Day Pass (ages 13 & under) WITH rental gear…$29
  • 10 Punch Pass Adult(ages 14+)…$200
  • 10 Punch Pass Adult (ages 14+) WITH rental gear…$280
  • 10 Punch Pass Child (ages 13 & under)…$170
  • 10 Punch Pass Child (ages 13 & under) WITH rental gear…$250
  • 5 Punch Pass Adult (ages 14+) …$110
  • 5 Punch Pass Adult (ages 14+) WITH rental gear…$150
  • 5 Punch Pass Child (ages 13 & under)…$95
  • 5 Punch Pass Child (ages 13 & under) WITH rental gear…$135
  • 2 Week Trial Membership (rental gear included)…$60
  • 4 Week Student Membership…$75
  • 4 Week Student Membership WITH rental gear…$115
  • 4 Week Chaperone Membership…$75
  • 4 Week Chaperone Membership WITH rental gear…$115
  • Youth Climbing Teams (SEE PAGE FOR SIGNUP INFO FIRST)
    • Youth Mini Crushers Team…$500
    • Youth Rec Team…$525
    • Youth Training Team… $775
    • Youth Comp Team… $950
  • Summer Camps (SEE PAGE FOR PRICING)
  • Private Climbing Classes (SEE PAGE FOR PRICING)

How to use vouchers:

  1. Figure out which services you would like and how much to request (contact for help with this if you need it)
  2. Submit voucher to your homeschool program for approval
  3. AFTER the voucher has been approved, you may sign up for classes and programs, or get your membership set up by calling the gym at (530) 600-2761 or coming in to the gym

*Submitting a voucher request does not secure a space in any Youth Programs or Climbing Classes, you must also sign up through the gym. So it’s best to do this as far ahead of time as possible.

*We can NOT provide services to students until vouchers have been approved. This means if they are submitted incorrectly or for the wrong amount it may slow down the process and prevent your child from participating. Please contact us if you need help submitting vouchers.

Please contact us if you have further questions. Thank you!


  • Rental Gear (shoes and harness) is REQUIRED if you do not have your own gear.
  • Children 14 and under MUST BE SUPERVISED BY AN ADULT  at all times, even if they have a membership or punch pass.
  • Youth Programs and Climbing Classes are offered at a limited capacity, require signups and often fill up. We WILL NOT ALLOW SIGNUPS WITHOUT A VOUCHER. Please, submit a voucher request. When you receive the voucher, contact us to signup for a class/program.
  • To use a voucher for a Private Lesson, you must submit a voucher for payment, AND fill out the Private Lesson Request Form to schedule.