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  • Includes: group instruction, day passes and all necessary rental gear

  • Minimum of 1 adult participant REQUIRED per 3 child participants

  • Max Participants = 16

  • Minimum Age = 5 yrs


  • Check-in & Rental Gear (~10min)

  • MANDATORY Safety Orientation (~10min, whole group must be present)

  • Learn to tie the climbers knot (encouraged for ages 8+)

  • Learn how to top rope belay (REQUIRED for adult participants, encouraged for ages 12+)

  • Free Climb Time! BG Staff will help reinforce newly learned belay skills for adults and provide basic instruction for climbers.


  • Please ask all participants to arrive ON TIME. Do not arrive more than 10 min early. We will not be able to start the group until all participants are present, and the end time will not be extended. Participants that are more than 20 min late will be charged a $20 per person late fee if they wish to participate.

  • There is NO INDOOR SPACE for food, drinks, cake, presents, decorations, etc. The gym is for climbing. Please save this portion of your party for before or after your gym visit. There are picnic tables outside if you wish to use them, but please keep in mind it is often cold, windy, snowy, rainy and you will not be able to move indoors if the weather turns.

  • PARTICIPATION IS KEY! Please do not bring additional spectators or “non-participants” unless absolutely necessary. Adults of all ages can learn how to belay and are encouraged to do so. Space is limited inside the gym, and a large number of spectators makes climbing and belaying more difficult, as well as dangerous.

  • Respect AGE RESTRICTIONS. Minimum age to participate is 5 yrs. Please do not bring children under 5 unless absolutely necessary. Children under 5 are not allowed in climbing areas, on climbing flooring, or on climbing walls. Minimum age to top rope belay is 12 yrs (belaying is encouraged for those who are old enough; it’s an awesome skill and teaches great team-building, listening, trust, responsibility, and communication).