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Crash Pad Rentals

$25 per day


Renting is EASY! Fill out a gym waiver, then call the gym to reserve your pad. You pay at the time of the reservation. Upon arrival, fill out a crash pad rental agreement & release of liability.

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Step 1

Gym Waiver

Step 2

Call the Gym

Rental Terms:

  1. Rent gear at Blue Granite Climbing Gym in person. Pay up to 30 days in advance.
  2. Pay in full when booking. Keep a credit card on file.
  3. Rent gear for up to 7 days. Re-rent if no conflicts.
  4. Pick up anytime on booking day. Return by the same time the next day.
  5. Late return fees:
  • 0-24 hours late: $25
  • 24-48 hours late: $60
  • 48-72 hours late: $95
  • Over 72 hours late: Full price of pad
  1. $20 cleaning fee for very dirty gear- determined by Blue Granite staff.
  2. Incurred damages cost $50 or more.
  3. Treat gear well. Don’t use on wet/muddy ground.
  4. Pay any late or damage fees when returning gear.
  5. Gym can refuse to rent to anyone they think might be unsafe.