COVID Policies

Do you require face masks?

Face masks are required by both employees and customers at all times.

The only exception is if you are actively climbing (on the wall) and must lower your mask to aid in breathing. Please follow our “Feet on the Ground” rule….feet on the ground=wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth.

What amenities/services are not currently offered?

  • Youth Programs & Parties/Groups (start date TBD)
  • Yoga & Fitness Classes
  • Climbing Classes
  • Sauna/Showers
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Lounge/Kitchen Areas
  • Towel Service

Is there a max capacity?

Yes. We are operating at a limited capacity of 38 people in the building at a time per CA State mandates.


Are you implementing social distancing?

Yes. We ask all customers to maintain 6′ of distance in shared areas such as lobbies, bathrooms, bouldering, etc. Also, we ask customers to please use every other rope or cardio machine (aka don’t climb or workout right next to someone).

Reservations & Capacity,

Checking In/Out

Do I have to make a reservation?

No. We are using a combo of reservations and walkins. If you would like to guarantee entry during a specific 2-hr block, please create an account and make a reservation.

How do I make a reservation?

Create an account (SEE MEMBER MANAGEMENT SECTION), click on the “Schedule” and choose a time slot.

When can I make a reservation?

Please don’t make reservations more than one week out, and don’t reserve more than you are able to use (repeat cancellations or no shows will be subject to membership cancellation with no refund).

Also, let us know within 24 hours if you do need to cancel. Please don’t come in if you are sick!

What if I just want to drop in?

That’s totally cool. Look at our current # of visitors to help plan your visit. Also, if we are at capacity and someone with a reservation shows up, non-reservation members will be asked to leave in order of when they arrived.

What are the check-in/out procedures?

  1. Your first time back after reopening, you MUST check in with a staff member
  2. Every time you come in, you must check in with a staff member OR scan your card. AND you must click the “+” button on our people counter.
  3. When you leave, click the “-” button on the people counter to help us maintain an accurate count.

If I made a reservation, do I have to use the people counter when I check in?

Yes. We are using a combo of reservations and walkins so we need a current & accurate count of how many people are in the building.

We are operating at a limited capacity. Some spaces are available by reservation, and the remainder are first-come, first serve.

View the current # of visitors below:


Member Mgmt. System

During the closure, we switched to a new POS & Member Management System called Approach. We are very excited about the switch and there are a lot of cool new features.

However, it is new, so please be patient with us as we work out the kinks.

When you create an account, you can:

  • Complete waivers
  • Add and manage family members
  • Update contact and billing info
  • Freeze, unfreeze, & cancel memberships
  • Purchase day passes, punch passes, and memberships
  • Book climbing classes, yoga & fitness classes, and events (none currently offered)
  • Signup for youth programs (none currently offered)

Is creating an account required?

If you want to do anything online (make changes to your membership, purchase day passes, punch passes or memberships, book classes/events, make reservations), then YES.

We strongly encourage setting up an account. If gives YOU the power to easily control your membership.

I already had a membership at Blue Granite. Does that mean I already have an account?

No, but when you create an account (you’ll just create a login and password), it should auto-import all of your data, including your current membership or punch pass status.

THIS IS THE FINAL STEP THAT WE ARE WAITING TO COMPLETE BEFORE WE CAN OPEN! If you try creating an account right now, your membership data will not be properly transferred. Please wait until we open. 

Step 1: Create an Account

If you previously had a Blue Granite membership or punch card, and you create an account but your info is autopopulated incorrectly, please call or come in when we’re open, or email

Step 2: Add Family Members (optional)

Adding family members does not create a “family membership”; it merely creates a billing relationship, making it easy for you to purchase any kind of membership, punch passes or day passes for anyone in your family.

Step 3: Complete Waivers

Check the boxes next to all family members names, and poof! their information will autofill from their account to their waiver, making the waiver-signing process super easy.

*If you already had a waiver on file with our old system, you shouldn’t need to do this step.

Step 4: Purchase Day Passes, Punch Passes, or Memberships

Click on the “Purchase a pass/membership page” and choose whatever kind of pass you would like and assign it to whichever family member(s) you would like. Passes/memberships will be automatically loaded on to the person’s account so all they have to do is check-in.

*If you already had a membership prior to our closure, it should already be active on your account. You can view your active memberships by clicking on the Profile Icon in the upper right, then clicking on My Plans. 

What happened with my membership during the closure/reopening?

Per the CA Blueprint for a Safer Economy, El Dorado County entered the “Purple Tier” on Tuesday 11/17. This tier assignment required closure of all indoor gyms.




No refunds will be given. Please read on for details.

Members were given the option to keep membership active, choose your monthly dues, or refuse freeze of prepaid memberships (thank you all so much!). If you opted to keep active, you will continue to be active. If you chose your freeze fee dues, you will return to whatever your status was before the closure ($5 freeze or normal active dues).

Monthly Recurring (EFT) Members

  • On 11/17/20, we AUTOMATICALLY FROZE all active EFT members with a $0 (free) freeze fee.
  • When we are able to reopen, we will automatically unfreeze all active members and billing will return to normal on the next billing date (3rd of the month) following our reopen date. If you come in to restart your membership before the next billing date, you will pay a prorated amount for the rest of the billing period.
  • If you were already frozen (prior to 11/17), you will continue being frozen for $0 freeze fees during our closure, and will return to normal $5/person/month freeze fees when we reopen.


Prepaid Members

  • On 11/17/20, we AUTOMATICALLY FROZE all prepaid members.
  • When we are able to reopen, your membership end date will be extended by the number of days that we are closed (a.k.a. the clock starts again)