Closure Information

After carefully monitoring the situation, we have made the very difficult decision to temporarily close our doors, effective Wednesday, March 18.

We are going to re-assess on March 30, with the hope to re-open on April 3.

We want to thank all of our members and guests for supporting us and building a strong community through our recent inception and through these trying times. Blue Granite is a small, locally owned business with 32 local employees, for many of whom this is their primary job. Our loyal staff and members have been with us from the beginning and helped us build this gym (literally) and create such a special community of friends and family.

We plan to keep paying our employees during our closure; your support as a member, or by purchasing gift cards or punch passes can help us do that.

What can members do?

For those of you who are financially able, please consider sticking with us in these difficult times, helping to take care of our employees and ensure there is a thriving gym to come back to when this is all over.

We understand that this may not be an option for all of you and we have provided many different options for you. Click on the links to below to choose the option that suits you best.


EFT (Autobilled) Members

Decide whether or not you’d like a credit for March. Credit will be applied for the time that Blue Granite is closed, through April 3. 
Decide on your membership fees. Pay your normal fees, the normal $5 freeze fee, or go above and beyond to support us with whatever additional amount you choose. For those unable to pay, we are also offering a free freeze option. Don’t pay while we’re closed and come back when we open without paying an initiation fee.
The default options if you do not submit a change request will be to place all EFT members on a $5 freeze fee starting April 3, with no credit for March.
Click Here for EFT Member Options

Prepaid Members

We will automatically extend all prepaid memberships by the number of days that we are closed (or if your membership expires during the closure, we will extend it by the number of days left on your membership at the time of closure).

Please consider supporting us by purchasing a gift card (link below) which you can use toward continuing your membership when we open back up.

What can non-members do?

Buy a gift card.

Have a birthday party, buy a day pass, sign up for a climbing class, lot’s of options for everyone!

Buy a Punch Pass or Membership.

Once we’re back in here, we’d love to see some new faces! We offer 5 and 10 day punch passes, one-month or annual prepaid memberships. Purchase online and activate once we open back up again.

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